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2020 Kiisi Trust- Ogoni Scholarship Fund Award For Second Year (200 Level) Students

2020 Kiisi Trust- Ogoni Scholarship Fund Award For Final Year Students

Optimum Resources Management offers clients a variety of tests that can be deployed in assessing a candidate’s cognitive ability. Optimum Scholarship Tests are tailored to align with the specific scholarship criteria. Our objective is to administer an objective process that ensues only the best candidates qualify for your scheme. These guarantees the success of your scholarship scheme. These tests range from general aptitude tests to function specific assessments that test discipline related knowledge and even current affairs. Optimum Resourcement Management's tests are deployed as computer based tests, a marked departure from paper and pencil tests. In rendering this service, we take responsibility for the provision of an Examination Engine which handles candidate scheduling, candidate notification, test administration including authoring of questions, marking and release of results and finger-print and photo capture of the candidates.

Optimum is a broad based Innovative and Trending Educational Resources Management with specialty in:
  • Educational placement and advisory services
  • Admissions /exchange programme services
  • Educational grants, bursaries and scholarship programmes
  • Organizing educational and geographical tours
  • Educational impact assessment services
  • Curriculum development, training and capacity building services

In the last one decade, we have promoted educational enhancement initiatives across states of the Federation which has resulted in inclusive educational planning, genderazied interventions, special focus on pupils/students with disabilities and overall improvement in school completion rates. We have achieved these milestones through our broad based educational resources management and intervention especially through our services which enhances provision of Grants, Aids and Scholarships using credible and transparent mechanisms and systems.

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